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Eva, (Facebook comment, translated from Spanish...)

Aroma Andaluz


Hello Eternally Mediterranean, I am a regular client of yours and I was visiting your stand at Biocultura in Seville. You gave me a tester there of your Andaluz Soap and I have fallen in love with it. The aroma transports me to… a morning in a cottage in our Andalusian mountains. But I would love to capture this aroma and keep it with me all day, not only when washing. Have you thought of coming out with a perfume in this scent? I would love that! Hugs and thank you for the sensations that you make us feel.


Luisa, (Facebook comment, translated from Spanish...)

Honey & Shea Facial Scrub


Hi guys!!!! Are you home yet???? The other day I tried the Facial Scrub for the first tim and I am totally in love with it, it smells awesome, the exfoliating grain is perfect and it leaves your face like a baby's bottom. Each product of yours that I try I like even better than the previous... And now that I am being honest, I would like to mention to anyone that is reading my comment who doesn't know you yet, that when I first discovered you, sincerely I thought some of your products seemed expensive. More specifically the Body Oil, which I purchased in the end on a whim and I have already repeated 3 times... the quality of all of the products that I have tried is excellent and for sure I will try something new on my next purchase. Kisses!!!!



Rosehip Moisturizing Cream


★★★★★ Gorgeous face cream, my skin looks amazing. It's now an integral part of my daily regime and I'll definitely be ordering more!



Foot Scrub


This is a brilliant foot scrub. I've previously used a Neal's Yard one but in my opinion this one is much better. Leaves my feet so soft and smelling gorgeous. With some olive moisturising cream afterwards my feet look fantastic.



Natural deodorant que really works


I purchased this in biocultura and it works great for me! I can put it on right after hair removal and if I excercise it holds up really well, I love it!



Menthol Arnica Salve, on the Camino de Santiago


★★★★★ When I got to Pamplona, I couldn't walk any further, my legs were so sore. I got a massage with Menthol and Arnica and a little rest and the next day, I was able to continue the camino de Santiago.



orange poppyseed soap


★★★★★ This soap is amazing and its aroma is wonderful.



Coffee Cinnamon Soap


Smells wonderful and really works . Would buy again. Highly recomend !


Kathryn Sheridan

My favourite soap, ever


Lemon Sea Salt Soap

Jen at Naturalmente Mediterraneo says everyone has their favourite soap and the lemon and sea salt is mine. It's unusual for a bar soap to produce such soft, fine bubbles but the sea salt in this soap does just that. Delicious soft bubbles and a wonderful zingy fragrance, this soap is as much a player in your sock drawer as it is in the shower!



An Unforgettable Aroma


★★★★★ Coffee Cinnamon SoapThe aromas of Naturalmente Mediterraneo soaps are so delicious and intense that they scent the entire bathroom. With this coffee cinnamon soap they have outdone themselves, it is my favourite.


Gema F.



★★★★★ Goat Milk Soap

The creaminess and delicious scent of this soap make me feel like this is one of the best soaps I have used in my life. I am so pleased that I can purchase through your website!


Alison Manning



I received my products today and I am very happy to have the smell of your products in my home again. Many thanks, Alison


Katie Walker

Facebook Review


★★★★★ Best products I have used! Smell delicious without any artificial baldness. I have hormonal breakouts as I'm pregnant and skin has been great since I have started using ambrosia serum


Mary Broadhurst

Green Clay Soap


★★★★★ So pleased i have found this soap, i just couldn't be without it now, i use it morning and evening on my face and it works on any impurities straight away, i no long use any toner and my skin feels and looks fresh, clean and toned after use. Wonderful