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Our Ambrosia facial serum is a wonderful moisturizer for all skin types. With oils of jojoba, argan and pomegranate seed, just 3 or 4 drops a night does wonders for your skin.

For: Normal, combination or oily skin

25 ml



We got Organic Certification!!!!! You will notice that we have had to increase some of our prices and I trust that you will understand. This is something we have had to do, as sourcing the best organic ingredients we can find has increased costs but also improved the quality of our product!.

Ambrosia was our first original facial serum and when researching and developing it, I included several of my all-time ingredients for skin – jojoba oil, argan oil, pomegranate oil & olive squalene, all of which can be used on all skin types, including oily.

Although I use our Oasis Facial Serum more often, every few months I go back to this one. I use it in the same way – as the final thing I do before getting into bed. I wash or rinse my face. Sometimes I then spritz with organic rose water, but not always as I am rather “allergic” to too much routine... Then I drop 4 drops of this serum on my hand and gently massage it into my face, still damp, focusing on the areas where wrinkles are starting (around my eyes and upper lip). If there is any serum left on my hands, I carry it down my neck.

I add the same here as I mentioned for our Oasis facial serum - I know many sales people in skincare will tell you that you should apply a cream over a serum. I also know that this is my opportunity to up-sell you another product. However, I prefer to sell authentically. I feel that this moisturizing serum is a wonderful moisturizer, all on its own.

We are actually testing out a new top for this serum at the moment, which instead of a dropper actually squirts the exact amount required for the face into the hand in one simple pump. If you wish to try out the potential new top, please mention so when purchasing.


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Data sheet

For moisturizing normal, combination or oily skin
How to Use
Apply 3 to 5 drops onto clean, moist face at night and massage gently
Product Care
Keep in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight. After each use, ensure the top is closed correctly and tightly.
Jojoba Oil*, Olive Squalane, Castor Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Argan Oil*, Vitamina E Oil, Essential Oils of: Lavender, Vetiver, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang (*) = Organic Ingredient
Size / Weight
25 ml

Conocí a Jennifer en Biocultura Madrid y allí compré el serum de Ambrosía. Alucinante!!!! Lo uso por la noche, 4 gotitas que son un regalo para mi piel. A pesar de tener la piel mixta, amanezco con la piel en equilibrio, hidratada y relajada. Gracias Jennifer por crear un producto tan bueno. Desde entonces no puedo vivir sin vuestros productos.


Es lo mejor que he probado en cosmética facial. Tengo la piel mixta, y bastante sensible, incluso algunas grandes marcas me han producido irritaciones. Sin embargo, con este serum estoy encantada porque hidrata la piel sin engrasar, me lo aplico por la noche y por la mañana la piel despierta con aspecto sano e iluminado.


Hace seis meses,que lo tengo y me gusta mucho...ilumina el rostro....


Hace seis meses,que lo tengo y me gusta mucho...ilumina el rostro....


Hace seis meses,que lo tengo y me gusta mucho...ilumina el rostro....


lo compré ayer en la feria de muestras de Gijón y la verdad que con sólo probarlo una vez se nota la calidad que encanta su olor.

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