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We handcraft our solid perfumes with organic jojoba oil, organic Spanish beeswax and aromatherapy essential oils. The aroma of Sirena is energizing & sensual, with a blend of essential oils which includes ylang ylang, black pepper, orange and patchouli.




I love our aromatherapy perfumes. The essential oil combinations usually come from another product first, a product that people love the aroma so much that we release it in a little solid perfume. The Sunshine aroma came from our Orange Poppyseed scrub and we have now released it in an aromatherapy burner blend as well. Personally, I don’t love the name. I prefer simple names that work in both languages but couldn’t find one for this blend…. So, if you have an idea let us know!! We first released the aroma of Sirena in a body oil as an energizing alternative to our relaxing lavender body oil. I looooove the Sirena aroma. Pachami came from our goat milk soap and our oliva cream – a blend of patchouli, geranium and lavender, however the same blend smells different in each of the products – ahhhhhh the magic of aromatherapy essential oils! I often carry Pachami around with me in my bag. It has a very particular scent which I adore but not everyone loves patchouli. It seems to attract positive energy and repel the bad. Festival, our newest addition to the perfume line, came from our Christmas or Festival soap – lemongrass, fennel, lavender and ylang ylang…

Frequent Questions

Why solid? I supposed because there are no preservatives required, I can use more of the organic jojoba and local organic beeswax that I love, and it’s unique.

Will we release liquid perfumes? Maybe but with an oil base – maybe a roll-on. I am not interested in alcohol which can be drying on your skin.

Does the scent last? Yes, but not as long as an artificial perfume with fixers. These are totally natural. The aroma may last an hour or two. We have made these small so that you can carry them with you and reapply whenever you like.

Reveal... I am currently working on a new blend, and I think it may be released as roller oil perfume... it is almost ready... and as it is very close to my heart, it will be called "Corazon".


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Data sheet

Aromatherapy perfume
How to Use
Using your finger, spread a little on your wrists or behind your ear.
Product Care
Keep in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight. After each use, ensure the top is closed correctly and tightly.
Jojoba Oil*, Beeswax*, Essential Oils. (*) = Organic Ingredient
INCI Ingredients
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*, Cera Alba*, Essential Oils
Size / Weight
8 g

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