Organic Lavender Rosemary Salve

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Enjoy our rich lavender rosemary salve as a soothing moisturizer on dry skin, tired legs or feet, even for cracked heels.   A wonderful treat when rubbed into your feet and legs just before sleep, the lavender & rosemary aromatherpy essential oil blend is calming, soothing and comforting.

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We got Organic Certification!!!!! You will notice that we have had to increase some of our prices and I trust that you will understand. This is something we have had to do, as sourcing the best organic ingredients we can find has increased costs but also improved the quality of our product!

I love salve and always have a pot beside my bed. I often rub it into my feet and calves before bed. The lavender relaxes and calms me and the rosemary helps my circulation. Sometimes I rub it into my temples as well, when I have a headache as lavender soothes headaches. This was also one of the very first products, and at the beginning, experimenting with the hardness of beeswax, sometimes it was too hard! I would tell clients that if it was too hard, to scrape a little off with the back of their finger nail. You may find with any of our products with beeswax - Salves, Creams, Deodorants, Lip Balms & Perfumes, that the texture changes if your purchase the same product different times. This is because each batch of the natural beeswax that we use is slightly different. The bees, the rainfall, the flowers are different so the hardness of the beeswax or the colour is never the exact same.

This salve is so comforting to me, that when I was taking my in-car test for my Spanish driver’s license, I rubbed it on my wrists just before starting so the lavender would sink in a calm me. I passed!! My daughter also loved a hand or foot massage with it on those nights when she couldn’t get to sleep.


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Data sheet

Moisturizes skin and relaxes tired legs and feet.
How to Use
Massage gently into skin, legs and feet.
Product Care
Keep in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight. After each use, ensure the top is closed correctly and tightly.
Oils of Sweet Almond*, Castor*, Coconut* & Olive*, Beeswax*, Cocoa* & Shea* Butters*, Essential Oils of: Lavender, Rosemary, Lavandin, Cornstarch*. (*) = Organic Ingredient
Size / Weight
90g & 25g

Llevo 2 meses sin pisar con mi pie izquierdo por un accidente de moto. Pasado 1 mes, la planta del pie empezó a descamarse exageradamente y gracias al Bálsamo de Lavanda-Romero, he recuperado la piel perfectamente hidratada.


I use this during Savasana in my yoga class, and everyone loves it. It induces pure relaxation during breath work.


Valoro mucho los bálsamos multiusos y este en especial me relaja mucho y me ayuda también a mejorar mi circulación

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