Take care of your skin in a natural way this summer

Take care of your skin in a natural way this summer

Taking care of the skin in summer is as important as in any other summer period. Our skin may appear more oily due to heat and humidity; by elo we need a greater port and a controlled exposure to the sun. Here we leave 5 types of natural care for your skin for this summer.

1.-Drink lots of water

2.-Use sunscreen, free of chemicals and that is not toxic My favorite is a natural badgerbalm cream, you can have a look at this web https://www.badgerbalm.com/p-372 -all-natural-sunscreen-spf30-lavender-cream.aspx

3.-Exfoliate your face, body and feet at least once a week You can make your own exfoliating cream with salt, olive oil or use one of our flavored ones with aromatherapy essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil and other natural ingredients. Exfoliating orange and poppy seed Exfoliating for the feet Exfoliating facial honey and karite,

4.-Hydration Although the skin is not as dry as in winter, it needs hydration The virgin coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer, even applying it alone. For the face I love the oil-based facial serum, such as: Oasis Moisturizing Serum Ambrosia Moisturizing Serum

5.-Aloe vera for after sun My favorite ingredient to apply after the sun is aloe vera.

I love having a sheet in the fridge and apply it directly after being exposed to the sun; It gives a feeling of freshness and soothing. Or use our Aloe Vera moisturizer and coconut oil. That grants the benefits of both ingredients equally.

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