The natural ingredients are never exactly the same

The natural ingredients are never exactly the same

If you use natural skincare products, you may notice a slight difference sometimes, even in the same product.   Well, if you appreciate natural products and ingredients, I am sure you will understand why.

Just as you accept that each orange or tomato that you eat is unique, or as we appreciate that wine from year to year varies even with the same variety of grapes, recipe and process, it is similar in natural skincare.   We use the same recipes and production process but the end product may vary slightly.

Think of the difference from crop to crop!  Imagine all the factors involved such as rainfall, hours of sunlight, temperature, time of year.  Even though it is the same variety from the same supplier, the extra-virgin organic olive oil that we use varies from year to year – density, taste, aroma, colour and all of this affects the products we make with it.  As the oil ages it changes as well.  What about honey or beeswax? Different flowers, different bees!  Even in essential oils, we can smell slight differences from batch to batch as the plants were different.  Also oils like patchouli and vetiver smell different with age.

So, if you notice that your natural soap or lip balm or moisturizer looks, smells or feels slightly different from the last time you purchased it, don’t be alarmed.  It is actually a wonderful part of all-natural.

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