NM & Camino de Santiago

As an avid Camino de Santiago pilgrim myself, I am so pleased to be offering you my favourite products to take hiking, which I passionately hand craft in Spain using the best natural & local ingredients I can source.

I hope these products contribute to making your journey magical, to  soothing your soul, muscles, skin & feet, as well as bringing you joy along  the way.

Buen Camino fellow Pilgrims!


where to find us on the camino francés?

If you have already started your adventure and you are on the move, you can find our products for Hikers Care in the following stores:


Albergue de Peregrinos
Tienda de Recuerdos,
31650 Roncesvalles (Navarra)
667 639 750


Ultreia, Masaje Belleza Bienestar
Calle Carmen, 10
31001 Pamplona, Navarra
948 045 401


Albergue Camino del Perdón
Mayor 61,
31133 Uterga, Navarra
(+34) 948 34 45 98


Shibumi (antiguo 4Eco Burgos)
Calle Antonio Machado, 2
09004 Burgos
620 065 946


Piligrim’s Oasis Store
Calle Santa María, 34 Bajo
34120 Carrión de los Condes, Palencia
626 443 200


Hostel Covent Garden
Calle Ancha, 25 -2ºPiso
24003 León
601 082 002


Una pausa en el Camino
Plaza Eduardo de Castro, 2 – Bajo 2
24700 Astorga
625 538 162


Tienda de Recuerdos Hotel Cebreiro
O Cebreiro, 10
27670 Lugo
982 36 71 82 – 982 36 71 25


Kilometro 112
Rua do Peregrino, 37 – Local A
27600 Sarria (Lugo)
982 83 25 06 – 670 753 590


Tienda Recuerdos Puertomarin
Plaza Conde de Fenosa, 3
(al lado de la Iglesia)
27170 Portomarin (Lugo)
982 54 50 46


Tienda de Recuerdos Hotel Cebreiro
O Cebreiro, 10
27670 Lugo
982 36 71 82 – 982 36 71 25


Kilometro 112
Rua do Peregrino, 37 – Local A
27600 Sarria (Lugo)
982 83 25 06 – 670 753 590

You can also buy our products online here, for yourself or to send as a gift to someone who is walking the Camino. Find out the address of the Albergue where they are going to stay and we will send them your surprise request! We can even include a personalized message for you.

26'00  Tax Included

mini hikers care pack

Our mini Hikers Care Pack, is light enough for travelling in your backpack along your hike. These three products come in a little cloth carry bag.

Camino Soap

Our Camino Soap bar is a gentle natural olive oil soap, created with  extra cocoa butter for hardness. Use it to wash your hands or body, as  a facial cleanser, a shampoo bar or even to hand-wash your clothes!  A fabulous all-in-one.

8'00  Tax Included
menthol arnica salve big 85g
10'00  Tax Included

Menthol Arnica Cooling Massage Salve

Our Menthol Arnica Salve, on a small size (40g) light to carry, is wonderful for massage as it alleviates sore,  tired, aching muscles.

The arnica helps with pain and inflammation and the menthol, together with the aromatherapy essential oils, cools  and soothes. Certified organic.

Lavender Rosemary Moisturizing Foot Salve

Enjoy our rich lavender rosemary salve,  as a soothing moisturizer on dry skin, tired legs or feet, even for cracked heels.

On a small size (40g) light to carry.

A wonderful treat when rubbed into your feet and legs just before sleep, the lavender & rosemary aromatherapy essential oil blend is calming, soothing and comforting. Certified organic product.

lavander rosemary salve big 85g
10'00  Tax Included
calendula salve big 85g
10'00  Tax Included

Soothing Marigold Skin Salve

First aid in a tin! I created this salve to help heal and soothe all sorts of  skin irritations such as bug bites, cuts, itches, rashes and burns. On a small size (40g) light to carry

Made with organic ingredients of extra-virgin olive oil infused with marigold,  cocoa butter, beeswax and a pure aromatherapy essential oil blend  of tea tree and lavender. Certified organic