Looking After Your Bar of Soap

Accesorios jabones en pastilla

As a soap maker and passionate user of natural, handmade olive oil soap, I look after each bar carefully until it lasts right down to a sliver.

Here are some tips for making your soap last as long as possible.

  • Store unused soap somewhere dry and dark, especially out of sunlight. Even indirect sunlight can affect natural soap’s scent, colour and longevity.
  • When using your soap, make sure you let it dry out between uses.  It is best on a draining soap dish.  If it sits in water or is surrounded by humidity, it won’t last as long.  I find that the bars dry out even better when I move my soap dishes with soap on them out from behind the shower curtain between showers.
  • If you are sharing your soap bar and don’t trust that the others will look after it as lovingly as you will…. I suggest cutting it into several pieces and storing the unused part.

I would love to see photos of your soaps on a soap dish if you care to share!

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

I began making soap and experimenting with natural, local ingredients for the skin as a hobby. Or maybe it began long before that with the natural-living values my mother passed on to me and my father’s deep love of nature

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